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PTC Thermistor
PTC Thermistor : Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistor

Product Series
Metal Oxide Varistor
Varistors, variable resistors, are voltage - dependent resistors with bi-directional and symmetrical V/I characteristics. Metal Oxide Varistors, MOV, are primarily made of Zinc Oxide and some suitable additives. When varistors are exposed to over-voltage transient or surge, the varistors switch from stand-by state(nearly open circuits) to clamping state (highly conductive state). The major function is to protect equipments from being damaged by over-voltage transient. At leakage region, the V-I curve shows a linear relationship. The varistor is in high resistance mode and shows as an open circuit. At high current, the varistor is in low resistance mode and shows as a short circuit.

Product Series
Gas Discharge Tube
GDT is a surge absorber which is controlled by voltage. It is connected paralle between the line and the neutral and /or the ground of the power system in equipments, or between the signal line and the ground in the signal transmission system. GDT is made up of a spark gap enveloped in a sealed ceramic or glass tube that is filled with inert gas. Under the normal condition, the operation voltage does not reach the spark-over voltage and GDT keeps it's high resistance status. However, when the over-voltage reaches GDT's spark-ocer voltage, high energy brought by over-voltage will cause the fill-in gas start to discharge and the internal insulation gap start to breakdown. At this moment, GDT becomes short circuit very fast, which will lead the surge current into the ground and protect the equipment safely. As soon as the over-voltage disappears, the GDT returns to high insulation status and waiting for the next action.

Product Series
GS2 / GF3 / GF4 / GF6 / GD5 / GD8 / GD8-H / GC8
GC6 / GB8 / GQF / GJQ / GCC / GNC / GMC
NTC Thermistor
NTC thermistors are resistors with large negative temperature coefficient. Change in resistance of the NTC thermistors can be briught about either externally by a change in ambient temperature or internally by self-heating resulting from a current flowing through the device. This predictable change in resistance as temperature changes is the basis for all applications of thermistors.

Product Series
SCK / TTC05 / TTC3 / TTS