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Photo Coupler serves as an input to deliver an electrical signal and outputs the electrical signal "light". In general, the light emitting element and a light-receiving element in combination with one of the Package insulated electrically in the optical coupling between input and output elements to transmit the signal to the optical Photo Isolator, Opto Coupler, Opto Isolator also called.
Usually Photo light emitting device used in the Coupler high luminous efficiency GaAs infrared light emitting Diode, GaAlAs, GaAsP and the like that require a High Speed is used and the light-receiving element good, the output efficiency Photo Si, Transistor, High Speed acceptable Logic-IC, that just like Photo Diode, Photo Triac, Photo SCR is used.
Photo Coupler has been applied extensively in electronic equipment such as office equipment, communication equipment, household electric appliances for signal transmission between the electrical insulation properties and the potential that different circuit Impedance between these inputs and outputs.

Product Series

Photo Coupler
Phototriac Coupler
Proximity Sensor
Light Detector
Infrared Emitting Diode

PC357 / PC817